Sunday, May 17, 2009

ADVENTURE ~ OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday morning, Saturday, a day I usually sleep in. I got out of bed
early, pulled on my sturdy shoes, grabbed my rake and bag.....

Off to pick up my new friend Leau Phillips who is going to give me a tour
of Albuquerque's best kept secret "The Glass Graveyard".

Make a couple of left turns, go past the caboose, look for the big tree and
hang a hard right between the two salvage yards......and you're there.

Doesn't look like much at first.

But then................OMG

Even my husband who went with us got into it. I saw him off in the distance
dropping items into his bag. Later I mentioned to him how surprised I was
that he had stuff in his bag and he then admitted to me that this was his second
bag and that he'd already been back to the car to unload !!!!

Who'd a thought?????

Michael don't know what you're missing !!!!!

And that's not all.........check back later to see what I picked up after I
left the Glass Graveyard !!!!! It is equally amazing.


Leau said...

What a haul!! And wasn't it didn't mention the snakes! A very drunk old man sat (fell?) down next to me on the bus and broke the tenuous connection on the compact in my pocket! But it is still wonderful and now smells like powder. Thanks for the adventure! smooches

miz katie said...

cool! what are you going to do with it? can't wait to find out.

miz katie said...

i like the change to your blog background. :)

Kim said...

Paula Darling! What a take! I can't imagine what you are going to be doing with these treasures, but hey...treasures they are!

What do you mean you saw snakes? What? That would do it for me! Like heck I would go digging into stuff with those creatures around! Nope, nope, nope! I can't even look at them in photo form!

I absolutely think it is incredible your husband was able to get into this adventure, too! Wow! but snakes! Are you out of your mind?

Cool stuff, though! Don't you want to go out and buy some stoppers...make your own paints and pretend you are a mad artist? :)

Hugs Sweetheart!

Deryn Mentock said...

Oh, my! What incredible treasures! Just my kind of treasure hunt...