Friday, May 08, 2009

IT IS LIKE CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Sandy makes fabulous beaded jewelry.

Her handmade quilts are to die for,
especially the one made from her dad's
vintage silk ties.

The other day she gifted me with
buttons and lace ! I'm still stunned
at the beauty of the items and the
generosity of this wonderful friend.


miz katie said...

ooh, so you're feeling better, eh? must have been the ice cream. :)

i have no idea what brisket is. heh! i'm assuming it's meat? i'm pretty much a vegan and have been since forever, so i have no clue about brisket or ice cream. well, maybe ice cream, but only on very rare occasions. :) i don't think i've had any since last summer. i have had rice cream, and that is much easier on my system (no stomach aches) should try it. i get little soy cream sandwiches (tutifruiti, i think is the brand?), and those are really yummy, also. mint chocolate chip. mmm!!

lola is doing great. she hasn't worn her hair clippie since that day, tho. and, i haven't taken any new pictures in a while. i have been painting non-stop for hours & hours every day. i have 3 new ones almost finished. got to get back to those girls on the big canvas, and get that one finished. so i can start a new one. sigh..not enough hours in the day.

i'm going to be painting all day tomorrow, too..i think. i'll be around online some, tho. give me a shout if you get bored.

miz katie said...

forgot to mention your buttons! those must be the ones you told me about. very sweeeet!! those green ones would look fabulous on one of your dolls.