Monday, May 25, 2009


those crackers are critical
to the creative process

see that tube of green
tulip paint?
I'm thinking that stuff
has some fun possibilities....
have you ever used it?
Actually I'm not so
excited about the green
but I had to buy the
whole pack to get the
white. I bet some place
like Hobby Lobby sells
individual tubes but I was
at Wal-Mart and didn't
want to drive down the hill
to the other stores....
so back on the topic, have
you used the tulip stuff?

Oh wait, that wasn't the topic,
was it?
The topic is my
messy studio !!!!

pizza boxes are great for storing flat paper
I went to the pizza place and they
gave me some unused boxes. they
thought I was nuts but since
I also buy pizza so they like me....
BTW, those pizza boxes
are empty.
I'm easily distracted, I guess.

See that Holga camera?
Someday I'm gonna give
it a whirl.

these drawers started out as a cool
place to keep small things
organized, now there is so much
miscellaneous stuff in them,
well I guess better there than
on the floor, right?

I don't even know what is down there
could be anything,
I think that is where I've been
keeping my rusty altoid tins
I've been looking everywhere
for those !!!!

Total Chaos

The space where I'm sitting is the only
clear area in the whole room.

It is a teeny tiny room,
yet I manage to cram so much
in here
that many times I have to turn
sideways to get out the door.

I know, you're saying I need a bigger studio.
You are right.


Karen Smithey said...

I think my studio's even messier than yours--I'd like to say it encourages serendipity and creativity, but I really think mine is just messy.

I'm getting ready to put laminate flooring in the studio--it's just the thought of emptying the rooms that is stopping me!

Paula Scott said...

Looks organized to me! LOL!
Come over and see mine! Now, that is CHAOS!

lk moonwood said...

Hi Paula, thanks for coming to see me! (LOVE MizKatie, too!) My studio is looking A LOT like this, too - a true disaster, but only because I was so productive this weekend! Are you doing cloth & clay dolls,too? (Martine IS lovely!) I just finished one that is heading down to go live in L.A. The Glass Graveyard - ooooh!! Cool stuff!
:) lulu

miz katie said...

okay, that's why my ears have been burning. you ladies have been talking about me, huh? must run over to linda's site to see what you said, paula!! :)

your studio's not so bad, really. it's not as messy as it could be. heehee it looks pretty organized to me. did i ever send you pics of my mess? i don't know if i have any recent ones or not. i had some in my blog of my old studio. ha! "studio". i made art in my walk-in closet for a little over a year after we moved here. now, i have a pretty big room..maybe like 14' x 12' or so. i still don't have enough room, though. is there ever enough room for art?

miz katie said...

aww! i love you, too, paula. :)

psst..your blogger profile link is bad. it goes to a wordpress site. oops!

Annie said...

Yes, I use that stuff, I use it on cards and I used to use it as decoration on furniture I painted. And you can buy it in individual tubes. My studio is just as messy!

Denise said...

Looks like mine too :)