Saturday, May 02, 2009


Back when I took the Jesse Reno workshop I discovered these colored pencils. So after the workshop I started looking around for the "sacred jesse pencils". None to be found. Jesse came to the rescue. He gets his pencils from Muse + Design in Portland. Call Peter up ~ he'll send them right out and your life will NEVER be the same again. BE SURE YOU GET THE COLOR GIANTS. I seriously love these pencils. They are BIG......kinda like being a kid'll love them, I promise !!!!!


Deirdra Doan said...

Such a fun outside counting rose buds...cute.

What is different and wonderful about Lyra pencils? Is it just that they are big?

Anonymous said...

I Googled these after you had mentioned them to me. Beeswax. And they seem to have been developed for the little hands of children. They sound awesome to use. They even come in chunky blocks.

miz katie said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! wake up!! :D

aw! i was looking forward to hearing about your adventure. it's been raining and t-storming here since forever..over a week now. i was hoping to see a little sun today, but no. i hear it made an appearance up north of here, tho. so, that's kinda encouraging. maybe tomorrow.

i had nothing exciting for dinner last night. small sweet potato, and a white one, baked with onions on top. yeah, i eat weird a combination. heh!

i shall be awaiting your juicy detailed post. :)

miz katie said...

you got a reply about your kitty problem in my comments. don't know if you saw it or not..probably not, cuz she just wrote it today.


sounds like good advice.

miz katie said...

your day and evening sounds perfect! hey, y'know, i'm more than happy having you "blog" at my place. i look forward to reading your comments every day. and, i'm not just saying that to be nice (cuz i'm not nice, really! heehee)..i mean it! seriously!

miz katie said...

i gave you the link ^ up there, silly. :D

miz katie said...

don't get scratched while putting the kitty tag on!! :D

Paula Scott said...

I know NASCO carries the color giants, but not the black ones that we got from Jesse. I was driven too to seek these out after his workshop! LOL! Now I know who to call for the black ones. Those are the best drawing pencils!!

Kim said...

Hi Paula, thanks for the heads up on these. I had not heard of them, as I learned to use the prismacolor soft pencils in design school and have tons of them around. Colored pencils are a ton of fun, though. I am going to have a look/see.

Thanks Sweetheart!