Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet "Martine"
Isn't she lovely?

Check out her lovely silk skirt
and vintage lace shawl.

Audrey the "studio assistant"
helped pick out her skirt fabric.

Saturday ~ my second stop.
Sandy of vintage button fame
invited me over to her place for
a viewing and selection of silk
ties. Of course I thought
of skirts for the girls.

There weren't 100,
or 200,
but more like

Imagine my amazement!

Of course I asked Sandy if
she has a will......ha!

First the glass graveyard and
then this! How much better can
life get?????


miz katie said...

well, shaazam! another goldmine for you!

i don't have a patio. just two porches. the front is too exposed and open to feel comfortable going to sleep. the back is enclosed, but too sunny. and, there's no way to lie down in either place, unless i grab a sleeping bag or maybe steal lola's bed. hm..what to do? what to do? guess i gotta keep fighting off the sleepies. ::insert BIG yawn here:: damn allergies!! thud.

Annie said...

She is wonderful! I love all that glass you collected too!

Kim said...

Whoa! Paula, you were really on the "take" Saturday (is that better than "on the make"?) What a haul, girl! It is great to hear the stars were lined up just right for you this weekend! You just never know when that is going to hit!

Way to go...and your little woman looks so nice...she truly is adorable!


Anonymous said...

Martine is absolutely lovely.
What a great selection of ties. And the glass you resurrected are quite nice too.

suziart said...

Love the gal! And lucky you to get all the glass stash!!! I tagged you! Come to my blog!!
Xo, SuZi

Deirdra Doan said...

She came out so very the shawl...I just made a silly video of my doll!

Tongue in Cheek said...


Stunning sweet. I love their faces.