Sunday, April 06, 2008


Paula's photo of a garden along
Canyon Road, Santa Fe New Mexico

Everyone one I know.
Everywhere I go.
I hear people going on and on about Spring !

You'd think it was some big, wild and crazy happening !!!

Well folks, NEWS FLASH!!!!! It is!

Imagine the delight in the artist's
mind as images begin
to take on new color,
new vibrancy,
new life.

Moments forever marked
on canvas.

Oil, acrylic, pastel.
It matters not.

Inspiration has found a new birth,
and it be SPRING.


Linda said...

I for one am delighted when Spring arrives. I love summer.

Annie said...

I love all the seasons, they all bring a sense of newness and change, but I think Fall is my favorite.

Merisi said...

Lovely image!
Nothing's more comforting during long winter days than the thought that one day spring will arrive.

Cestandrea said...

love this picture, Paula, and your musings about spring:)
greetings from Paris where it is still a bit cold but the trees are back to green and birds build nests,love, Andrea