Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Artisan's Art Supply Demo Room
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Paula ~ 2008

This past Saturday I attended a Golden Paint/Product
demo at my local Artisans Art Supply store.
Nancy Reyner is a local (Santa Fe) artist who also does these demos for Golden.
Nancy is an amazing artist
she oozes creativity
and at this demo she was a great inspiration for me.
I love painting with acrylics and in particular
their line of heavy body matte paints.
They give the look of tempera or gouache
which I am partial to.

I was particularly encouraged that
I actually
understood most of what
Nancy talked about !!!

Sometimes we don't give ourselves the credit we are due.
~doesn't matter what area of life ~
you are a smart and creative individual
and I encourage you to give yourself a
BIG pat on the back !!!!!!

Go ahead,
Live large,
Even if it is small (believe me, it's still large),
What little positive affirmation
will you bestow upon your soul


Linda said...

It's true-I think we are all much more that we let ourselves think. It's too easy to be negative.

Annie said...

I like the thought that we are all made up of stardust :-). Makes me smile.

Kim said...

I totally agree! I can always find the good in others, but an completely critical about myself! Why is that?

Well, my friend, you are very inspiring and I intend to change this problem!

You know I think I have a book by Nancy...did she do one for Golden? If so, I can imagine a workshop with her would be fabulous!

Thanks Paula...I really needed this message today!

Cestandrea said...

wish I could have been there with you, Paula! You'll do great paintings with this inspiration in mind,

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,
I'm jealous of your Golden workshop. I have been experimenting with Golden Absorbent Ground and posting my results on my blog.