Friday, June 06, 2008


North Valley Residence, New Mexico
Paula - 2008
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Out driving around on my lunch hour.
I love to just drive around and take photos
when something just catches my eye.

These folks have a wonderful plaque of
Our Lady of Guadalupe
next to their front door.
I'm impressed that they boldly proclaim their love for
"our lady".
These folks have their heart in the right place.

Other folks put little ceramic pigs in their front yards,
funky fountains,
whirllybird garden decorations,
flags, etc.

What does your home say about you
when someone passes by?



Kim said...

Right now, my house says those people can't get that downed tree out of their yard! LOL

I am not sure this house says much about me, personally. We have moved so much, I have learned to go with tradition. If I had my way, there would be a riotous, outrageous house. My neighbors would never appreciate that nor would the re-sale value be very high! LOL I am very careful about the choices I make with our houses, so I don't think anyone would ever guess from the outside. :)

It is interesting what we do, isn't it. I love the idea we get to live in so many interesting places and visit so many different cultures. But, as with every choice, I don't get to make a house my own...I get other things.

I love this post and can't wait to read the comments you get here.

Kim said...

Sorry, I guess I didn't go slow enough for my head/typing here. I am amazing with !!!!!, but ?????? allude me.

Linda said...

I have lots of weeds, lots of bushes and a few pots of flowers. That's about it. I never got into decorating much outside. I did hang a star above our front door, the symbol of Austin, Tx. but I don't think anyone has ever noticed it.


I have a large, rustic, wooden American Flag hanging next to the door on our front porch.
One Flowering Almond tree on either side of the walk that we've allowed to grow and form an arch to walk under.In the spring it's a riot of white blossoms.

marianne said...

Nice post!
Who am I ? Does my house tells the same as I do ? I hope it will tell
that it's owner has finally come home after living in the wrong place for 17 years.