Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Santa Fe
Paula - 2008

So I'm wandering around Santa Fe.
Just a couple of blocks off the plaza,
taking photos.
There is so much to see -
a visual paradise.

When I stop dead in my tracks

This just can't be.........

I see a sign posted over a shop door
that says
"No Photographs"

Too bad,
beautiful building.

Are they just being cranky?
Too many tourists?
Maybe it is time to get
out of the business.
I sure hope these folks
don't track me down for
taking this photo, I did it before I saw
the sign.......(I'm sorry)

Like I said,
too bad.

Life is art,
live it like a

Keep It Simple
Be Nice


Cestandrea said...

Well what are they afraid of? LOL

I love that shot, so much energy here.
Paula I hope you are fine out there, how is the weather in New Mexico? And everytime I come here, I think of the ironlady pictures, I'm just useless...
love all the same

Kim said...

How odd! I am like Anderea...what are they afraid of? Clearly there isn't concern for "light damage" ...this is outside in New Mexico! Very strange and very silly. I am glad you got this shot!

I love this expression, "Life is Art - Live it Like a Masterpiece" ...you will see it over in my quote box :)

You are also right to say Keep it Simple and Be Nice...no reason in the world, not to be nice!

Thanks Paula...now who is giving ME something to think about?

Annie said...

I am glad you got it before you saw the sign :-). How odd they are so cranky about it. I like your motto! Mine is be here now and be kind, almost the same :-).

katie jane said...

Nicely put! Love the photo.

sukipoet said...

Lovely tiles. If it's a public building I don't see how they can say "no photos." If a private house, perhaps they just wish to protect something or other. I'm assuming it was a public bldg. Is that restaurant still there where you go in and there is a big common table so if you are alone you can sit with others??? I loved that.

Anonymous said...

Did the sign mean outside or inside? (chuckle) Sorry, I am full of questions today. - I wouldn't be shy to take the pic.