Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday And Mixed Media Withdrawl

Well, after a great weekend in the studio I'm back
to work as the mild mannered HR Manager....

Actually it is more like

It is hard to make that transition from creative mind,
moving with what flows from my
creative core back to
square . pegs . in . square . holes....


miz katie said...

maybe you'll have to set aside an hour a day. i knooow how difficult that is with an office job, believe me. but, if you can do it, it might make you feel better. it may take getting up earlier or staying up later. i used to alternate between the two, depending on my level of tiredness. i found i had much more energy for the office when i made time for art. i felt less tired, even though i was getting less sleep.

you may not think an hour is much, but at the end of the week it has added up to 5 hrs!! and, 5 hrs is almost as good as a full day. even if all you do is working in an art journal, at least you will feel paint on your paintbrush, and you won't have to wait for saturday to roll around.

miz katie said...

aw! you don't like onions?

Annie said...

I can relate, however after losing my job last week, I am refusing to find another, just can't leave my paints and clay, not sure what will happen, but I am trusting something will.