Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Art Filled Life

Sometimes things just happen.

So far 09 has been a good art year for me.

!.) Jane DesRosier ~ aka Gritty Jane. I learned some new techniques for doll making. I've always been attracted to dolls, have made a few. More than anything I was simply taken in by Jane's tender soul, infectious laugh and ability to help me feel I can do anything I set my mind to.

2.) More Jane only now with Maureen ~ Creative Textures....what a great experience this has been. Together these women have corralled the world of texture in art. It has been a blast and sometimes feels a bit like science class, but oh the pay off !!!

3.) Jesse Reno ~ OMG. Jesse is the man!!!!! Look this guy up. Do whatever you have to do to take a workshop with Jesse. You will never regret it. Life changing moments for me with this tender and humor filled soul.

4.) Mary Ann Moss ~ La Dispatch and the Stencilry group.....this one has yet to begin but I can feel the energy building and I know that combining this technique with Jesse Reno style and Gritty Jane soul will launch my if it wasn't already soaring.

5.) New Mexico Art and Craft Fair ~ June 26, 27, 28 ~ these folks invited me to join them in what is a wonderful juried venue for "
New Mexico Artists". This is a first for me. Yikes.........I'll keep you posted ! I wonder if they realize they have a tiger by the tail.

6.) New Mexico Museum Shops ~ I wrangled an appointment (thanks to Paula Manning-Lewis and Chroma Studio and Gallery). I'm showing these folks some dolls, some shrines and some paintings......yippie! I just know they are going to love me. Paula M-L, you rock, girl. Thanks.

7.) Still have an association with Paula M-L over at Chroma Studio and Gallery....they are coming up on their one year anniversary. In this economic climate I say WAHOOOOOO !!!! I daresay Paula's infectious spirit must have rubbed off on me........she and I met out in blog land. Imagine two Paula's, both from the same town in the American Southwest bumping together via blogs from Vienna, France, Canada !!!! Paula has been a huge inspiration to me and I look forward to a long and fruitful association with her.

8.) Lizard Lounge Shops ~ Bernalillio New Mexico ~ Lynn has carried a few of my pieces over the past few years. I've not been a big seller, but she has stuck by me and I've truly appreciated having her little haven as a place to get my toes wet in the art world.

9.) Miz Katie ~ we bumped into one another in blog land many years ago. She was moving east and I west. Then one day just recently we bumped into one another again....some things are just meant to be. I don't miss a single day of MK and Lola and Big Red.

10.) And most recently, Misty Mawn, Nina Bagley, Leighanna Light and Deryn Mentock. I am so inspired by these wonderful, talented women. What a gift to have found them. You, ladies, ROCK !!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ~ I'm sure there is something else I'm missing simply because it is late and I'm tired. But here's the thing. I was over at Corey's site the other really need to check her out.

And it occurs to me what a
gift each day is and what a miracle every moment offers. Now this may be a recurring theme for some of is more frequent for me these days. Maybe that is because I'm getting older, but I'm here to tell you ALL. You can't un-ring the bell!!!! Once the day is gone you don't get to take it back for a do over. SO DO IT GOOD NOW !!!!

I'm sure this is the longest post I've ever made and with no pictures to boot !!!!!! I guess something just came over me and it just needed saying. I even surprise myself.

So if you are still here, reading along, then I applaud you for hanging in here with me. I'm a good person, you won't regret it!!!!!

I'm blessed. I look forward to passing it on. Love you madly.


Paula Manning-Lewis said...


No, YOU rock! Thanks for the linkage! Anything I can do to help another artist, my goal in life; to help others live the art life!

Annie said...

I am happy so many things are going right for you :-).

Deryn Mentock said...

Hey Paula, thanks so much for the link love!

Paula Scott said...

Yes to Jesse Reno workshop! Not be missed should he ever come back to this area to teach (or, go to wherever it is that he is teaching). His process definitely has embedded in it the lesson of learning to let go.