Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Sisters ~ Mixed Media Primitive Dolls

Well, the sisters are complete.

Check out the skirts !
I made a trip to the local
thrift store and found a
skirt with this wonderful
beaded border......viola!

Ribbons and other do-das
also re-used.

Click to enlarge, you'll see lots of nice
detail, crackle glaze, aging, they
have totally cute little under garments
but they are too shy so you'll just have
to imagine !

Hope your weekend was as good as
mine was!


Paula Scott said...

That border trim was such a great find!!! Love those dolls too.

Kim said...

Hello Sweet Paula!

Whoa, these are so cool. I truly love them and adore the way you are finding such lovely bits to use, too. I just want to reach into the computer and stroke their lovely heads. You are so moving forward with these lovely dolls!

Great Work, Paula!

PS...strange, the word verification thiny is 'horkings'...what is a hork? tee hee

Annie said...

The girls are lovely.

Anonymous said...

The crackling gives them an antiqued appeal. Great find for the dresses and their ribbon accessories are exquisite.

Judy said...

Wow wow and more wows, both of them are amazing, I am awed by your doll making talents and love what you did with your 'found' materials. Wonderful