Thursday, April 09, 2009

Still working on the "Sisters".

I've got four full days away from the day job.
Woooo Hooooo !!!!

Lots of studio plans.

Spring time here in beautiful
New Mexico means
wind, wind, and more wind....
My tulips are looking
pretty sad at this point.

What is Spring like in your
neck of the woods???


Igor of sweden said...

Here in sweden spring means finally above -1º Celsius (30.2 ºF) and the snow are slowly melting.. Soon I'll have to walk around the lake instead of right across it on my way to work...

have a nice day!

miz katie said...

Yeah, time off! You're free!! You're FREEEE!!!

I love your dolls. Both have stories written all over their faces. It makes me wonder what they would tell me if we sat down and had tea.

You don't have a dog? awwww! That makes me sad. Just kitties, eh? Well, keep holding onto your dream. Don't give up on the thought. It took many years for it to happen for me. I have wanted a small dog for probably ten years..maybe more. And, Lola was well worth the wait. She is absolutely perfect.

ps: I kinda went against the wishes of both the boys in my household by getting Lola. My son was dead set against her. No way! Greg was on the fence..not real excited. They kept coming up with all kinds of reasons not to get a little dog. What if she barks all the time? What if.. What if??? But, now? I dare say they are both smitten with her, although my son wouldn't admit to it. shh! I didn't tell you that! heehee

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Dollies. Such very long legs. Like when I was a kid... stringbeans. (giggle)

Gorgeous outside today. Have fun in the studio.

Cris said...

Your sister dollies are really cute. Spring is trying to get here in Missouri. You never know what to expect. In one week we have had snow, and sunny and 65. The redbuds and other trees are flowering. Daffodils are gone now, but tulips are in full bloom. Have a great Easter!

Cris said...

Hi, I just came back to answer your question about my blog design. Actually, a blog friend, Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy did it for me and emailed it to me to upload, wasn't that nice?? I think it comes from a site called "cutest little blogs on the block". I'm not so good at that stuff myself. Good Luck!

Leau said...

these are wonderful too! that wind is sending you a great muse as well as enchantment (code word for dirt in our house!)when it stops, the rains come...I've not gotten to spray a single thing today. boo hiss, bring on the calm weather, I've boards to spray and portfolios to tape!!