Friday, April 17, 2009







as though I have finally
arrived in this world
after all this time
all these years...

I am.


miz katie said...

aw! happy birthday!!! i hope you have a terrific the studio, perhaps? got any plans?

btw, i love hearing about little snippets of your day when you leave comments on my blog.!! :) i love the fries, but haven't eaten any for well over a year. sigh. some day!

Joanie Hoffman said...

HAPPY Birthday!
Happy days,

miz katie said...

snowing?!!?? oh, yuck!! really?? argh! it's not doing anything here..just cloudy. but, too risky to paint. so, the boys get the day off.

i'm still working on that @!@*&$@!!! bathroom. it's been a week, and i'm still not finished. i can't tell you how much i HATE joint compound and painting right now. this home beautiful stuff is just NOT my thing. you have to be all careful and stuff. i'm a self-proclaimed sloppy pig, and this week has been awful for me. waaah!

cole slaw sounds yummy! that's how they make it in new england..with apples. i haven't had any in years. mmm..

i've never got into spray painting, although i think it looks like fun. i just never have any on hand, and never think to buy it. i like gary reed's work, a lot. i'll have to check out mary ann. do you have a link you could loan me?

miz katie said...

ooh, of course!! i know who she is!! silly me. i like her journals. btw..i think gary's last name is reef, not reed. can't remember for sure.

thanks!!! :) how was that cole slaw?

Cestandrea said...

I'm late, I'm late! Happy Birthday to you, Paula, may you feel wonderfully creative all the time and happy and satisfied, I send you spring feelings from Paris

Annie said...

Sorry, I missed it, but HAPPY belated Birthday. I hope it was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Dang! - I totally missed it. Sorry. - Happy Belated Birthday.
(running off to add you to my follow list)