Thursday, July 17, 2008


Paula - 2007

Everyone must be consumed by summer activities !

Where are you ????

What's up?


Kim said...

Yes, Paula, I think summer is in full swing for many in the Northern Hemisphere. I know I have been very busy lately and August is completely booked. I imagine September will be better, then October will most likely be back to normal.

Now I love your little piggies ....and what a sweet note!

Hang in there...I am sure it will be picking up again, soon.

Anonymous said...

hi Paula,
I've been enjoying summer and the outdoors. Lots of birthday party BBQ's. Along with birthday parties comes shopping for gifts. (I hate having my birthday in the middle of winter) Little time for art, except some sketching.

Linda said...

I've been cooking up a storm with my husband's relatives here for a week. I think my son and his four sons will be here for a couple of weeks in August-more cooking and cleaning but worth it.

sukipoet said...

Love these little piggies and your query too. You know, I keep up with the blogs I read using "igoogle." I had you on igoogle but you disappeared. I just tried to save you to igoogle again and got a message about your code looked like a virus so they wouldnt put you on my igoogle site. No idea what that means. So, that's why I maybe missed a few posts plus i was taking a rest for a few days after a bit o overstimulation. Be well, suki

sukipoet said...

PS lest you panic by my previous remark re: igoogle I tried again to put you on igoogle and it succeeded. Whewy.

Annie said...

I'm here :-).

Cestandrea said...

Meow, we are here, Oscar, Miss Doodle and the secretary:) Not quite time to leave for vaccation but preparing for it and so very busy but send you a very big hug, love, andrea

San said...

I've had houseguests, Paula. And I've been revamping our gallery website. And more company tomorrow. And...and...almost too much of a good thing.

I find the art blogs a nice, restful oasis.