Monday, July 28, 2008


PAULA ~ 2007

So have you figured out that I've got an entire
chicken coop of these little cuties ????????

Punkie likes to use a lot of that
spikey hair stuff......
I think she tends to get carried away
but hey, who am I to stand in the path
of great personal expression??

Happy Monday, all....

still asleep here, more later


Elizabeth said...

I think you must like chickens.
When we lived in Morocco, I used to take pictures of handpainted chicken signs. I will try to get you the links. They are such fun.

Elizabeth said...

Feb 17th 2008
See below!
All best wishes

Anonymous said...

Punkie would look nice in a country kitchen. A whole coop of Chick-A-Babes? Cool.

Ms. Creek said...

Punkie rocks!

Annie said...

Love this one!

Em said...

Ooooh... I like.

Kim said...

Punky and Dottie seem like opposites! :) They must have a lively "chicken yard"! Those roosters are so naughty and their antics probably bring Punky and Dottie to the same page. LOL

Seriously, these are great fun!

Thanks Paula!

sukipoet said...

Punkie is just too cute. Yes, I do think a gathering of these chicks on someone's kitchen wall would be super. Too bad I don't have a kitchen (am living w/mom). Cluck, cluck, Suki