Monday, July 07, 2008


You might recall,
this is the first one.....

and here are the next two.............

I'd been working on both of these for some time now
and finally had an extended period of time
to finish up. I've used Golden
Matte Acrylic, and just love it.
This paint provides a beautiful Matte Finish.......
It reminds me a lot of gouache and egg tempera.
Lovely finish.

That yellow really photographed kind 0f harsh
it is really more of a soft Yellow Ocher

I had a great 4th of July holiday here in the
Great American Southwest

How about you??????

What have you been up the these past
few days????


Kim said...

Paula, this is a wonderful series! I really love the softness of the shapes and colors! Do you have more planned? You really have something quite special going here.

I also like the matte qualities of this paint...I am thinking it does photograph quite well and provides a nice compliment to the shapes, colors and composition you have created!

We had a nice 4th and were happy to get back here, too. My daughter is here for a couple of weeks, so I am having the best time with her. Today, we are both trying to get some other work, done, though!

Thanks Paula...and keep on painting, this is wonderful!

Annie said...

Love these paintings, and the purple is my favorite :-). My excitment happened on Thursday when
I had an excellent adventure with Dean Stockwell, so the fourth I rested and worked on a clay bowl I am making. Glad you had a happy holiday!

Kim said...


check my blog for an award to you!

Linda said...

Would you believe that the 4th got passed me with me hardly noticing-that's what happens when you live in another country I guess.