Friday, July 11, 2008

Garden Art !!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula's Garden Gayfeathers
Paula ~ 2008

So I've determined that yes,
gardening is ART !!

Oh heck, you all know
me by now.....

is art !

These Gayfeathers were
planted last year and they looked
just horrible.....on death's door,
so to speak.

I'm sure glad I didn't dig them up
as my husband suggested because
this year they are just simply
beautiful ! And to think this is just
their first full season in my garden.
Imagine how they'll look when they are
established and BIGGER !!!!!!

!!! WOW !!!


Linda said...

I agree-looks like art to me.

Annie said...

I love them! I am the same, art is everywhere!

sukipoet said...

They sort of look like ice cream cones.