Friday, July 25, 2008


Acrylic on 4x6 postcard
Paula ~ 2007

Meet Dottie, everyone!

She's a sweet Chick-A-Babe,
posted here today as my
tribute to Chewy

I don't know where Chewy
got that name
but I just adore it and her
art is something to admire as

Today is Friday !
I hope to eat well,
drink in moderation,
have a kittie-nap,
and paint up a storm
this weekend !!!

P.S. I nearly forgot! I've
been joking about seeing the lizards
in my yard having sex. I really do have
better things to do, but I've been thinking a lot
about Kim's writing on the "slow life" so
I sit on my patio where life goes slooooow, which
means I see lizards having sex ~ I kid you not!
Well this morning there was a little baby lizard and
I'm betting there are more !!
I hope to get a photo.......isn't that too cool !

Have a great weekend. And hurry back !!


Kim said...

Hey! This is a great tribute to Chewy! Tee Hee...Chick-a-Babe! And maybe Chewy should be Dottie! What do you think?

Lizard sex...well, Paula, you should sure have plenty to watch in your area. I was just saying to San...if my time in Texas was any indication, you would have a lot of lizards out there! :) The slooooowwwww life is lovely, isn't it? And hey! Baby Lizards to show for it, too :) And I do believe you!

You and Dottie have a great weekend...and have a cool one for me, too! I will do the same for you here!

Thanks for a super fun post!

sukipoet said...

Ah, this chick-a-babe is so sweet. I love it. I'm partial to dots. That is a pretty funny name and great tribute to Chewy. Well, sounds like you have a great day planned and week end and in between sitting on the patio watching lizards. I can't think of a finer life. Be well, Suki

Annie said...

Love the chick :-). I have seen baby lizards(thought no lizards having sex)on my runs and they are so darling, and tiny! Have a wonderful-slow-weekend.

San said...

Love the postcard, Paula! And I love Chewy too!

When's the lizards-having-sex postcard coming out?

You have an award over at my place...

Anonymous said...

OMG! (blush) LOL! I'm late, but at least I'm finally here.

The Chick-A-Babe term came from two crazy sisters; Ms Creek and Velvet Ginger.

Dottie is too cute.

Ms. Creek said...

yes, dottie is REALLY cute.

My sister and I use "chick-a-babe" very discretely...stemmed from playing Barbies where we were little a LONG time ago...chewy is the only other person we've called that...she earned it from understanding our bizarre humor! lol

glad you gave her a tribute, she definitely deserves it!