Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Nestor ~ Acrylic on 4x6 postcard
Paula ~ 2007

I do have an entire coop of these little cuties !

Meet "Nestor".
Nestor is a homebody.
He likes to hang close to the nest and make sure
everyone has nice warm eggs.

While the chicks strut around the yard,
Nestor is the community martyr.....
"oh don't mind me, I don't mind missing out on all
the fun, I'll just stay home and keep the eggs warm"......"sigh"

Tune in tomorrow and meet yet another chicken coop celebrity !

And in the meantime, have a great day !


Kim said...

Paula! You were not kidding! These are the cutest! And I really do love their personalities a lot!

You know, I am a lot like Nestor...I am! I just love being at home...I like exploring, too, but new places! :)

Thanks Paula!

Anonymous said...

OMG! More and more chickens. (big smile)