Thursday, March 13, 2008


Plaza Dog Turns 55
12 x 12 x 2 gallery wrap canvas
mixed media

Does your art reflect your life? Do you employ stream of conscience technique in your creative lineup?

This piece was a fascinating process for me. I started out just laying down paper, paint, ink, and once finished I stepped back and thought, oh my gosh, this says so much.

I have never thought of my work as self illuminating.

Lately I've been just sitting down and letting myself wander. The results are interesting and quite unpredictable.

What is your process like? I'd really like to know how you go about your work, your art, your life ~ what drives creativity? What motivates us to do what we do? Whether it is painting, writing, or cooking..................


Kim said...

Hi Paula, My art is clearly a reflection of my own life! No doubt. I spend a lot of time talking about process on my blog...and a few other issues, as well.

It is amazing how letting myself go makes a huge difference in my work. And the things which seem so blah to me often jazz viewers and that motivates me to explore that particular process or thought more. Lately, I have become very comfortable showing work I am not crazy about because it will sometimes speak to someone! I also will show WIPs from time to time and explain how I work through some paintings.

I love thought provoking posts, so keep provoking me...

...and you keep wandering, because it really does pay off big. This is a very nice piece.


Cestandrea said...

Paula, this painting really looks full of significance! Many details which all fit into one another so well. I wonder what this all means for you?:)
Yes, sometimes the finished painting becomes am mirror, reflecting us and our soul...and we stand there, amazed.

Annie said...

Love your piece. For me I just work from my gut and try not to think too much. Like you, sometimes the painting has a lot to say. As for my process
of the actual piece I have some pictures that show a bit of that on my blog in my current post if you want to see...