Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So check out this one !

You all seem to like these trucks as much as I do!

If I remember correctly we got this photo
in a small village near Penasco, New Mexico.

I imagine the little old guy who loved this truck.
He probably took it out rabbit hunting.
Or maybe he used it to haul hay
for the horses.
Or maybe,
he took his sweetie pie out for a ride
where they had a sweet kiss or two????

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Annie said...

Hi Paula. Annie from Blissful-Bohemian here. Thanks for dropping by :-). So nice to hear from another artist here in New Mexico.
I relate to your work, I used to do things with the same kind of flavor, though I have gone abstract and think I may never return :-). Love all the artists you have linked to your blog too, very good and different. Don't be a stranger :-). Nice to meet you.
Blessings, Annie