Wednesday, March 26, 2008


OMG, this painting is officially stalking me.
It started out like this............

I actually liked the windows with the washed out words.
I had a lot of fun working on the wings, painting on the acrylic and
glazing and working on the details.......yes, I really did like those wings.

But then when I stood back and looked at it, I was horrified !

What is that big blob of glazed white in the middle?
What? You're asking me?
How in world do I answer a question like that !
Even I don't know .....

I'm still not sure where this is going,
I guess I'll have to wait,
just like all of you.

Stay tuned !


San said...

I agree, Paula. The windows are fabulous! And I'll bet that "big blob of glazed white in the middle"--your words--will morph into the heart of the painting. Usually, when something about a painting bothers me, it's the part where the magic will enter.

A Kite Rises said...

It looks to me like an egg Paula, I am missing a friendly and surprised-looking bird popping its head out somewhere I think :) Will be intrigued to see how it turns out, it's a wonderful work of art, well done.

Annie said...

I agree, it is an egg :-), though why it is there only you know! Why do things have to make sense anyway? :-).

Cestandrea said...

Paula, you are very funny, I love to watch you pondering over your beautiful work:)