Sunday, March 23, 2008


Ground Zero. Santa Fe ~ the "big kids" art world.

Amazing how I can walk out my little suburban house, get in my car and in less than one hour be at Ground Zero for the art world.

Yesterday my husband and I did just that.

A day spent on Canyon Road in Santa Fe can be simply amazing.

Some of the pieces are not particularly my cup of tea but one has to admit that the technical expertise, the feeling, the light, the sheer awesome beauty of truly wonderful art is an experience that rivals many others.

Artists like Ed Mell, Betsy Bauer, Melinda Hall, Robert Daughters.

In the end I come home over stimulated. Unable to sleep. Images swimming through my brain.
If I could rub the magic lantern and ask the genie for three wishes, I think that "being able to paint like the big kids" would be one of the three.

I'm sure they all started out somewhere just like me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paula, congrats on the new second studio venture. I am in love with bird nest girl (saw her on Etsy) I know what you mean about looking at the work of others, wanting to paint "like the big kids" - I am mid way through a local painting class and feeling distinctly in awe of the skill it takes to make the painting that is in my head which refuses to emerge on paper! The teacher said something great though, if all we take away from his class is to 'not be in awe' of the process and to relax and let it flow, he'll have done his job. After 6 weeks, I am still trying to complete the one painting (after several attempts) - but at last it's starting to look right. Keep at it girl! The magic unfolds slowly but will unfold ; )

Annie said...

Hi Paula, Canyon Road overwhelms me, but it is always such a treat to go.
I live an hour and a half away in Taos and I rarely go, but I always come home inspired. For years I wanted to paint like a big kid, and
suddenly out of no where at 50 years of age it came and it continues to come and I feel like I have just started after 35 years of painting.
Never feel like you aren't as good as some. We are all wonderful in our own ways:-). all doing what we
are called to do.

Cestandrea said...

Hi Paula, I see the "big kid" in you already:)
Looking forward to your next creations,