Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pickup trucks with character abound here in New Mexico.

Recently I was at a local gallery dropping off some of my work
and there was a fabulous painting, quite large, lots
of wonderful color. It was a painting of a
pickup truck. And it was SOLD.
I'm always fascinated when I see paintings like this,
made by someone who really sees
their world.

Spring is getting closer every minute and the world
is out there banging away on your door to

Will you see pickup trucks and turn to your canvas today?

I'm thinking it could be fun !!!

Go out and see some fun stuff today. Be inspired.


blueVicar said...

Oh yeah...I'd love to work on something with a red pickup truck in it...writing, drawing, embroidery, photo...what a great subject!

One must just look to see...

Meilleurs voeux!!

andrea said...

And I haven't been around much either but actually have access to a pc for a couple of hours today and I'm making use of it. I adore vintage cars and have thought of painting them, too. (And hi back! :)

San said...

Hi Paula,

Thanks for dropping in over at my place. Your blog looks great.

I'll be back.

I love old pick-ups too!

Jenn said...

Hi Paula! I'm so thrilled you stopped by my blog today!! Just love your art...especially Rosa Offers Her Heart!! Really lovely:) See you soon. xox...jenn

Cestandrea said...

Hi Paula, this red pickup looks beautiful. I have always been fascinated by these cars because we don't have them here and they look so oldfashioned and harmless:)
Have a wonderful day

Linda said...

I love that truck. Wouldn't I stand out driving one in Provence? It's just so American.