Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Jack and Friends
4 x 6 postcard
Mixed Media

I made this postcard to my daughter-in-law a year or so ago. I really loved the mood that "jack" gave off. Kind of a "make my day" attitude!

I especially like making art on top of layers of old paper, pages from books, whatever strikes my fancy. For me those faint words in the background are like the unheard, inside voice we all have. The things we are thinking but wouldn't dare say, for fear of hurting, insulting, building false hope or whatever.

Throughout life I've usually abandoned the idea of the "inside voice" but as I age I find myself reserving those inside thoughts more and more.

At the first of the year I quickly abandoned the notion of a New Year's Resolution for something more like "My 2008 Motto". My motto for this year is:

Keep It Simple and Be Nice.

So I guess that is what's going on with Jack here. He's being nice and keeping things simple by not allowing the others to hear his inside voice.

Do you have an inside voice? One that you keep to yourself? Why? When? What happens with you have the overwhelming urge to just say what you think? "Oh that art really sucks!" or "Gee I sure hope that hair color isn't permanent"............or..................."I love you".

Please comment, I'd love to hear your inside voice on this topic.

Enough for today.


Annie said...

Love this postcard! And yes I have a voice, actually I have a few :-).

Linda said...

I just heard a talk today about that inner voice. It is usually negative saying something discouraging about something you are trying to do: "You can't write. Nobody will want to read that." The speaker said that you can't really shut the voice up so you tell it to get in the back seat that you are on your way anyway no matter what--something like that. In fact, if you want to hear the whole interview go to here: It is an interview with Christine Kane on being creative. You have to listen, first, to some talk on some other things before you get to the interview, but I really liked it.